Showoff Gang/Empire announced the signing of Banditfide Mafia

Pittsburgh, PA – Showoff Gang/Empire announced the signing of Banditfide Mafia to a deal with the trending imprint. The deal was brokered by and will be facilitated with the assistance of 1Fly Talent Agency. The Banditfide Mafia coalition came to terms for a 14 track compilation album hosted by DJ Goodnight. The project will feature various artist from Banditfide Mafia camp.

Showoff Gang CEO Indo Haze welcomed the leaders of Banditfide via telephone from his Los Angeles Office last night saying “I’m excited to have you all on board. You all have the full support of Showoff Gang and Empire Records. You all are in good hands at home (Pittsburgh) with my cousins Tjuan Benafactor & DJ Goodnight.

They represent Showoff Gang’s interest on this project and many more Showoff Gang releases that are gonna come out of the city.” Then he ended the call with the labels mantra “Showoff”.

The Official Signing party for Banditfide Mafia will be Tuesday Oct. 26th at 1Live Multipurpose Center 2600 Stayton Street Pittsburgh, PA 15212.


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