Josy B – “Cry Baby” – Fusions of intoxicating sound, and deep emotions

If you’ve been living under a rock confined by the usual mainstream music, Josy B probably slipped right past you. And this shouldn’t have happened. The Puerto Rican born and California raised singer-songwriter has worked with several hit music producers like Dr.Dre, Jeeve ( Pussy Cat Dolls , Luis Fonsi , Paulina Rubio and platinum songwriter’s like Gina GoGo ( SWV, Color Me Bad, Shai) Sid Tipton (Timbaland). She has performed and opened for Jon B and Evelyn Champagne King, Debbie Deb and many artists all around Los Angeles, from the Roxy to the Rumba Room.

On her latest single “Cry Baby”, Josy B moves hearts and souls with her sensual, soothing tone, R&B inspired pop sound, and alluring physical appeal. This breakthrough release, will no doubt introduce her to countless audiences who are searching for new alternative routes to captivating female urban contemporaries.

Josy B is definitely of-this-moment in terms of her aural aesthetic — resonant, yet soulful and smooth. “Cry Baby” feels informed by hip-hop in terms of the language and in terms of the beat, but it’s also very R&B in the way she’s singing — she’s singing intimately and she’s singing soulfully.

In fact, what makes Josy B so special is that there are through-lines to hip-hop, there are through-lines to pop, there’s kind of something for everyone’s sensibilities built into “Cry Baby”. If you just like slow-burning, sexy R&B? She most definitely has that for you. “Cry Baby” is a far cry from the paint-by-the-numbers R&B with empty sentiments which many of her contemporaries are currently dispatching.

“Big girls don’t cry. So I wipe my eyes. Now I ain’t gonna act like what we got isn’t faded. Now u the one beggin like a fuckin cry baby,” sings Josy B, unpacking all of her contempt for a story that once was, but no longer is. She sounds assertive, pragmatic and unwavering in her will to move on from situations of mistrust, uncertainty and disloyalty. “Cry Baby” is succinct, to the point, and affirms the singer’s gift of composing lyrics that illuminate the complexities and negativities of love and lust.

In “Cry Baby”, the listener joins Josy B in her narrative, and can feel the raw honesty of her lyrics, as she describes her transition towards self-empowerment. The sonic imagery, the ability to transport listeners to a world that twirls on fusions of intoxicating sound, and deep emotions, is the pulsating heart of Josy B’s music on “Cry Baby”.


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