GaiaBeta releases single “Ashes From The Stars” to preannounce new album!

GaiaBeta releases single “Ashes From The Stars” to preannounce new album!

GaiaBeta is a traditional Heavy Metal band with Power Metal elements founded in Feira de Santana-ba in September 2017 by vocalist and composer Marcos Diantoni who sought to assemble a team of talented musicians to make a challenging project with well-crafted vocal and instrumental lines. The band is already seen as one of the main ones in the Northeast region of Brazil and will certainly be part of the team of Brazilian bands that are resurrecting the traditional style. The band’s main influences are Iron Maiden, Hammerfall and Helloween. His lyrics address themes such as the daily life of contemporary man, supernatural themes and ancient stories. Diantoni’s persistence worked and after several member changes, the band managed to stabilize and to finish their debut album. GaiaBeta has released the single “Ashes From The Stars” which preannounces their new upcoming album “Gates of GaiaBeta” which will be released in early 2022 by DyMM Records from Portugal. Gaiabeta is: Marcos Diantoni – vocals, Léo López- solo guitar, Jean Carlos Marroia- guitar, Jhon Wesley- down and Gutto Raeywell- drums.

How long have you been performing and recording as Gaiabeta, and what is your primary mission as a group?

GaiaBeta: Despite all of us being experienced musicians, GaiaBeta is a new band. It is only 4 years old.

Who have been your major influences in your writing and playing style?

GaiaBeta: Well, the experience of each one of us playing different musical styles made us have peculiar preferences but I can say that we are basically from the same Heavy Metal school. Maiden, Helloween, Hammerfall, Dio, Sabbath etc.

If I was to turn on your media player right now, which artists/songs would I most likely to hear on your recently played list?

Gaiabeta: Well, in my breeder you would find Hammerfall, Neuropsy, Maiden, Dy Moob, Jeff Healey, loss, Benito de Paula, Dinnamarque, Zé Ramalho, Garry Moore…

What do you feel are the key elements in your music that should resonate with rock and metal listeners?

GaiaBeta: We have melody as a strong point in our sound, but we also have a heavy style, speed, cadence… we try to make songs with good rhythmic variations.

With the music industry always changing and evolving, what are the things you like and don’t like about it currently? And if you could change anything about it, what would it be?

GaiaBeta: In my opinion, I think the positive point is that today it’s faster and easier to produce and broadcast music. In addition, if I could change something, I would improve the payment to the musicians.

What’s your view on the current state of the rock and metal scene in general?

GaiaBeta: Here in Brazil, there were some days in which new musical styles with greater media appeal had suffocated rock/metal. In addition, because they were produced easily, unlike heavy metal that requires greater financial cost due to its technical demand. However, in the last few 5 years metal has been emerging again and with force, in part thanks to the possibility of great metal musicians today being able to record their materials at a more affordable price and with quality to show to the big labels. And it really works, you see, we were picked up by the people at Dymm records which is a very strong European label. That a few years ago would have been almost impossible.

Do you ever write a song with current musical trends, formulas or listener satisfaction in mind, or do you simply write, focused on the band’s own vision?

GaiaBeta: I write very truthfully. I do what is in my heart and I know my art will find shelter in the hearts of many people.

Could you describe your creative processes? How do start, and go about shaping ideas into a completed song? Is it a democratic process between the members, and who does what in the band?

GaiaBeta: I always start with a melody… never with the lyrics. The melody shakes my soul and makes me “visualize” what the lyrics must contain. In addition, a strong melody that usually ends up being the chorus. In addition, it comes to me in the craziest situations: I have stopped the car or motorcycle quickly to grab my cell phone and hum… I have already woken up in the middle of the night and written the final two stanzas of the second flame, for example. Then depending on how this melody touches my emotions, I think about the theme, (I like to offer the listener images… so that he can visualize what is being sung.) then I start testing the sound of the words and then I build the lyrics. I like to put dramatic load on the voice arrangements.

Where do you do most of your recording and production work?

GaiaBeta: Right here in our city, Feira de Santana, Bahia. Then we send it to the seven string wizard, Flávio Kebras in the Dymm records studios… and there the magic happens lol.

What would you consider a successful, proud or significant point for Gaiabeta so far?

GaiaBeta: Look, the fact that I signed with Dymm records made us the biggest band in my city (a big city) I think that is the biggest point so far.

If someone has never heard your music, which 5 keywords would you use to describe your music?

GaiaBeta: strength, battle, victory, honor and glory.

Could you tell us something about your latest single project “Ashes From The Stars”, out via the DyMM P&M Label?

GaiaBeta: Ashes from the stars puts a great deal of dramatic charge in the voice arrangement due to its enigmatic lyrics. It deals with the problem of contemporary society which is depression, with the things that happen in the bedroom when the person is alone… even having demonstrated happiness to the throughout the day! And the religious control that tries to offer a solution to it.

Which would you indicate as the highlights to look out for on your upcoming album “Gates of GaiaBeta”, and is there an overarching theme or backstory to the album?

GaiaBeta:  we live in a place where regional styles and extreme metal predominate. We felt the desire to do something different and with that the obligation to make an exquisite traditional Heavy Metal album, that the fan knew how to hum the guitar solos and the choruses of the songs. We have a song called INNOCENT LAND that addresses characters from Brazilian indigenous mythology. This is something challenging even for a Brazilian Heavy Metal band! We have fast songs with a lot of energy with a very positivist lyrics, like BACK TO THE PAST, which is a song that gives a boost to young people despised by family and society. We have a lilting horror-themed song, like the beautiful THE HANDS OF REVEANGE, and the fast and epic THE LAST WORRIORS (which will be the next single on December 3rd, 2021 spoiler lol). There will also be on our album an instrumental in the best power metal style and a ballad as well. Anyway, I guarantee it will be a delightful album to listen to. GaiaBeta is paradise and there are many ways to get there, that’s why we cover different topics. Each theme is a gate… choose one and embark on this journey Iol.

How important is making music videos to the band? Is this something you already have, or will be investing time and resources in?

GaiaBeta: Nowadays, the image is almost more important than the song. For the song to get the same prominence as the video, it really has to be good. If the artist can unite the two things, he will surely reach his goal. In addition, we at GaiaBeta do want to make video clips.

If you had a choice to go on tour with any acclaimed international band, who would you pick and why?

GaiaBeta: Man, what a hard question! LOL. If you ask this question to each member of GaiaBeta, you will receive a different answer lol. However, I, Marcos Diantoni would choose Hammerfall. I like Oscar. He seems to be a great person (yes, he’s tall lol) And they sound wonderful.

Creative work in studio environment, or interaction with a live audience? Which of these two do you ultimately prefer and why?

GaiaBeta: Nothing beats a live job, man! Feeling the energy of the audience, being able to talk to them after the performance is amazing.

How important are the lyrics in your music? Is it something you pay particular attention to, or are you more focused on the musical and technical abilities displayed in your compositions?

GaiaBeta: Our compositions are more than well-played songs. As I said before, I like to offer images in my lyrics. They are fundamental pieces.

Putting aside the accolades or criticisms that fans or the media may afford the band, what’s the one thing about the band, or your music, you think people may overlook, misunderstand or underestimate?

GaiaBeta: I never thought about it.

Do you think is it important for fans of your music to understand the real story and message driving each of your songs, or do you think everyone should be free to interpret your songs in their own way?

GaiaBeta: Music is feeling… something very personal! As I said, I offer images in my lyrics exactly so that everyone can “see” and feel the music in their own way.

As a band, do you have a specific musical vision or goal that you want to achieve in the near future?

Gaiabeta: I’ve already reached it! A strong label bet on us and our music is playing in many parts of the world. Of course I intend to play in several countries.


Gates of Gaiabeta by Gaiabeta